A note to women in the workplace: Done is better than perfect.

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In 2018, the Australian company Medibio conducted a survey of nearly 5,000 participants, each of whom answered 100 mental health questions and wore a heart monitor at work over the course of two four-week periods.

Peta Slocombe is a psychologist and senior vice president of corporate health at Medibio. In the study, Slocombe found a link between perfectionism and self-criticism. As it turned out, women were more likely to hold both of these traits.

Perfectionism and self-criticism can be detrimental in the workplace

The Medibio study found that 33% of corporate working women had high rates of perfectionism while 44% held high rates of self-criticism. …


Colette Nataf

CEO @LightningAI, Demand Gen @Intercom, User Acquisition @MileIQ (acquired by Microsoft). Changing marketing through data science.

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