What is the best way to use Facebook Ads to drive leads to a landing page?

Hi there! The best way for you to use the ads would depend on your technology in the back-end.

Do you have a conversion event on your landing page? Do you have a conversion pixel set up? If so, then you can use CPM on Facebook to target your audience (if you don’t know, try a bunch of different demographics! You’re always in for surprises with marketing).

If you don’t, then I’d recommend just bidding for clicks (CPC) and having the link go straight to your landing page.

Regardless, make sure that your ad makes sense with the landing page! If you’re showing an ad for a trip to Europe, don’t make a landing page for San Francisco :)

Hope this helps! Best of luck with your ads.

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CEO @LightningAI, Demand Gen @Intercom, User Acquisition @MileIQ (acquired by Microsoft). Changing marketing through data science.

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